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Chain Oil

Chain oil is a specialised lubricant that is used to keep the cutting chain and guide bar lubricated during use. It is typically thicker than other types of lubricants and has additives to help it adhere to the chain and bar. The lubrication provided by chain oil helps to reduce friction between the chain and the wood being cut, which makes cutting easier and prolongs the life of the chain and bar. It is important to use the recommended type of chain oil for your chainsaw to ensure proper lubrication and avoid damage to the equipment.

Easily find and buy Chain Oil by selecting a manufacturer from the list below.

Stiga Chain Oil - Biodegradable  - 1L
Stiga Chain Oil - Biodegradable  - 5L
Stiga Chain Oil - Mineral  - 1L
Stiga Chain Oil - Mineral  - 5L
Stihl SYNTHPLUS chain oil 5l
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Viking SYNTHPLUS chain oil 5l
0781 516 2002
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