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Replacement Engines - Horizontal Crank

Horizontal crankshaft engines are another type of engine used in garden machinery, such as pressure washers and generators. As the name suggests, the engine's crankshaft is oriented horizontally, running from left to right. This design allows for a more compact and stable engine, as well as easier belt or shaft-driven power transmission. Like vertical crankshaft engines, horizontal crankshaft engines are typically air-cooled and range in size from small, single-cylinder models to larger, more powerful engines with multiple cylinders. They are also known for their ease of use and maintenance.

Top Tip...
When it comes to repowering your machine with a new engine, or repairing the engine with a short block, please don't guess or assume that something will suit your application just because it looks the same, or looks like it will fit. Choosing the wrong engine, short block, or part, can result in poor running, premature failures, or may just not work/fit full stop!
If there's any doubt, contact us first. We'll take as much information as you can supply us with, but we will need the model, spec/type, and serial/code numbers from your engine, and ideally, the intended application. Equipped with this information our Technical Support Team can help identify the available options for you.

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Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Twin OHV 18hp
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