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Stiga 2-Stroke Oil - Synthetic - 1L - 1111-9230-01

Stiga 2-Stroke Oil - Synthetic - 1L - 1111-9230-01
P/N: 1111-9230-01, 1111923001
STIGA 2-stroke synthetic oil for lubrication of chainsaws, brushcutters, etc. 1-litre bottle with dispenser.
  • - Type = 2-Stroke Oil - Synthetic
  • - Specification = API TC - JASO FD - ISO-L-EGD
  • - Volume = 1 litre

  • STIGA 2-stroke oil
  • In two-stroke engines, the fuel air mixture is burned and the exhaust gases cleared out on the down stroke. The cylinder is recharged and the working fluid compressed during the upstroke. The catalytic converter converts toxic pollutants present in exhaust gas, to less toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction (oxidation or reduction). Stiga 2 stroke oil has a higher certification in comparison to the majority of lubricants in the market. It is certified JASO FD, which means a superior quality and a better oiling. A superior quality means the engine parts have better lubrication, the spark plug hardly gets dirty and there are less leftovers in the cylinder, meaning low smoke and better engine performance. This reduces toxic emissions and helps to extend the life of the catalyser.

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