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Trimmer Heads

What are the difference between the different types of Trimmer heads available. 

Fully Automatic Trimmer Heads

Trimmer heads with fully automatic line feed. These heads have line that is automatically fed when it has become too short for productive use. The line is self adjusting to ensure that the best performance is achieved. (picture of a head)

Semi Automatic Trimmer Heads

These are also known as Tap n’ Go heads. These trimmer heads are fed automatically when the head is pushed into the ground which put you in total control. (picture of head) 

Manual Trimmer Heads

These heads are fed manually by pushing or turning the line feed button/spool and pulling the cord. This allows you to select the length of line to achieve the desired effect. (picture of head)

Pre-Cut Trimmer Heads

These are trimmer heads that are easy to use and have a quick and easy line feeding requiring minimal maintenance. The line is normally loaded without opening the head . (picture of head) 

Tri Cut Trimmer Heads

These are trimmer heads with a very distinct design and uses plastic knives instead of trimmer line. They are ideal for use in coarser grass or stony ground. You can also get highly visible, replaceable plastic flails for safe use around trees and bushes. 

DiY Spare Parts also stocks a full range of branded and non branded lines to fit all types of trimmer heads

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