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Fuel and Combination Cans

A Fuel Can is a container designed to hold/transport petrol or diesel. Most come with a flexible spout for pouring the fuel.

A Combi Can is a type of fuel can that has two separate compartments, one for fuel and the other for oil. This is especially useful for chainsaws, which require both 2-Stroke fuel and chain oil. 

Since the introduction of ethanol into modern day fuels it's more important than ever to use a fuel stabiliser, they keep fuel fresh, helping to protect your engine and fuel system. Briggs Fuel Fit® not only keeps the carburettor clean for easy starting but now also protects against the corrosive effects of ethanol and maintains fuel stability.

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Easily find and buy Fuel and Combination Cans by selecting a manufacturer from the list below.

Oregon Combi-Can, 5+3L - Red
Oregon Funnel 16cm - (Plastic)
Stiga Combi-Can, 5+3L
Stiga Fuel Can, 5L
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