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Updated 6th April 2020

The team at DIY Spare Parts is continuing to work around the clock to fulfil its customers’ orders wherever possible. However, following Boris Johnson’s address to the nation on the 23rd March 2020, along with the new measures that have now been implemented, this is causing us to experience some delays with parts and deliveries.

Your custom is extremely important to us and we would ask you to bear with us as we strive to fulfil your orders as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated as the situation evolves but, in the meantime, thank you for your patience, and we hope that you and your families are safe and well in these challenging and uncertain times.

Regards DIY Spare Parts team.

Homelite Replacement Chainsaw Guide Bars and Saw Chains

Easily identify and buy discounted Homelite replacement chainsaw guide bars and saw chains. Use our simple finder above, or select your machine from the list below.

Homelite 20 Homelite 20AV Homelite 23AV Homelite 250 Homelite 252 Homelite 27 Homelite 290 Homelite 290C Homelite 300 Homelite 330 Homelite 3300 Homelite 3335 Homelite 3350 Homelite 340 Homelite 340C Homelite 350 Homelite 3550 Homelite 360OA Homelite 360SL Homelite 3800 Homelite 3850 Homelite 3850B Homelite 410 Homelite 415B Homelite 450 Homelite 4500 Homelite 450SL Homelite 4550 Homelite 4550B Homelite 550 Homelite 550SL Homelite 650 Homelite 750 Homelite 8800 Homelite 925 Homelite 955 Homelite CSP3314 Homelite PS33 Homelite RANGER Homelite SL245 Homelite SUPERXLAUTO Homelite SXL925 Homelite SXLAO Homelite TIMBERMAN Homelite XL12
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